Dr. J.B. LaGue is a formally trained artist, as well as a licensed Psychologist – receiving a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Art, and a Master’s and Doctorate in Psychology.

He has been very fortunate in having the privilege to work with those that are struggling with mental illness and, has through the course of his lifetime, utilized his unique sense of humor and fascination with humankind to create unusual and emotionally evocative works, with the purpose of touching core emotions.

Over the years, as his style has matured, his expressions have become more human-focused and atmospherically simplified and refined. With his compositional approach, he purposely walks a fine line between the real, the imaged and the abstract, providing each viewer the opportunity to relate to each artistic expression in a fashion devoid of environmental props, whether the expression translates to something liked, feared or loathed.

J.B. LaGue